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RF Premium

RF™ Premium – Class Cartridges

At the end of 2009 our trading and production association «ReFurbished Service» received an official confirmation from the Latvian Patent Bureau to the registration of its trademark RF™, under which we started producing alternative RF™ Premium – class cartridges for laser printers.


Our mission objectives:

  • Creation of an independent European brand based on the principle of strict quality control
  • Fight for ecology and environment.
  • Provision with safety and availability of the use of print devices with the laser printing principle.

Principles of our pricing policy:

  • The price per our products according to 90% positions of the whole range of products is в 2-3 times lower of the similar original OEM products 
  • Additional discounts purchasing our products in the event of return of the used cartridges.

Description of RF™ Premium – class products:

  • No a visual difference compared to the original – a high level of cardboard production;
  • Produced on the basis of original packs;
  • Air light-proof package – AIR-PAQ;
  • Control band – RATE SEAL;
  • Chip (if necessary);
  • 100% tested;
  • Quality control at the production in accordance with the standards ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996;
  • Significance of the resource of cartridge operation pursuant to the International production standards ISO/IEC 19752 and ISO/IEC 19798;
  • Possibility for multiple secondary utilization for filling and recovery;
  • Absolute guarantee of quality and responsibility of the supplier for the operation of print devices;
  • Duplicated description of guarantees, technology and resource on the pack in the Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvia and Belorussian languages.

At the beginning of 2018 we changed the production technology and packings of alternative cartridges of RF™ Premium class for laser printers for some very popular models which are in the increased demand. At the same time all principles relating to quality control and reliability were completely kept.
Now production of alternative cartridges of RF™ Premium class you can see in the updated boxes of blue-white color.

Together with it, the quality of alternative cartridges of RF™ Premium class confirms the certificate of conformity on components from which this type of production is made. This certificate was provided to us by our permanent partners with whom we cooperate for many years.